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Gifts to the General Endowment Fund benefit the Foundation and its Institutional Members. The net income of the General Endowment Fund is distributed to the Foundation's Institutional Members at the direction of the Foundation's Board of Directors.

Wofford College

Columbia College

Claflin University

Spartanburg Methodist College

Epworth Children's Home

The Methodist Oaks

The United Methodist Manor of the Pee Dee

Wesley Commons


Restricted Endowment Funds represent funds gifted to the Foundation to benefit one or more designated United Methodist institutions, agencies, local churches or other charitable purposes. The President of the Foundation is available to work with interested persons in creating restricted endowment funds which serve their charitable interests. Fund agreements are crafted by the Foundation to represent donor wishes. 

This program allows church-related organizations which qualify for Agency Membership with the Foundation to place their endowment funds in the Foundation's common investment pool and receive periodic income disbursements. Income may also be reinvested.

The Foundation can provide information and assistance to local churches seeking to establish, manage, and market local church endowment funds. Several resource manuals are available from the Foundation to assist local churches in the process of creating and marketing local church endowment funds.

This program allows a donor to make a gift and retain the right to an income from the gift for the remainder of his or her lifetime.  Joint and two-life survivor Gift Annuities are also available. The Foundation began its Gift Annuity Program in 1981. Since then over fifty gift annuities have been written by the Foundation.

Foundation Scholarships

Belin Trust Scholarship

Bessie Bellamy Parker Memorial Scholarship

"Blue" Miller Scholarship Fund

Clarence D. and Belva M. Williams Scholarship Fund

Clemson Wesley Foundation Epworth Scholarship

Cook Scholarship Endowment Fund

David and Ruth Garrison-Joel Cannon Class Scholarship

Fred E. and Janet Smith Plyler Scholarship

Gene Roger and Mildred Wimberly Kizer Scholarship

Henrietta Rosson Morton Scholarship

J. Lawrence and Margaret F. McCleskey Scholarship

James E. and Betty Wilson Alewine Scholarship

Janie Robinson Thomasson Memorial Scholarship

Joseph B. Bethea Scholarship

Justin Guild Stillinger Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Davis Rogers Spiritual Life Enrichment Scholarship

Marshall A. and Frances C. Shearouse Scholarship

Mary Connor Price Memorial Scholarship

Melvin Kelly and Mayme DuBose Medlock Ministerial Scholarship

Richard Laite Edlund St. Mark CDC Scholarship

Roger M. Gramling Scholarship for Pheiffer University

South Carolina Conference Seminary Students Scholarship Fund 

Theodore R. Morton, Jr. Scholarship

William Fletcher and Agnes Dawsey Rogers Scholarship